Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


I do tourist around pretty much worldwide but sometimes it’s fun to explore treasures nearby. I ended up renting a car and roadtrip to Abu Dhabi, the capital of Untied Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stood ready in 2007 and has capacity for 40.000 people. It was such a magical and beautiful place.

In respect for Islam and their holy place I needed to cover myself. Something good to know if you are thinking of paying the mosque a visit – is that there are abayas (for ladies) and kanduras (for men) to borrow for free! I thought I actually had to go and buy myself their traditional clothing but to my surprise they gave me a beautiful purple one. I fell in love with the color.

If you go on their website you can find the timings for their free tours around the mosque. I also recommend going suuuuper early to get rid of the people, walk around peacefully and of course get the best shots.


Vacation Mode


Gahhhh finally vacation. I’m so excited to travel together with my mom. We are going to Cebu where my brother and nephew are staying. We have already made some very exciting plans but most of all we are just happy to have some family time. We are so spread out it’s hard for all of us to meet up.

I’m still sick from my last flight and I’m a little nervous flying with a blocked nose. The pressure can really damage your ears.. Keep your fingers crossed!


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So the day finally arrived. The day I was doing the second longest sector in the world, from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand. The flight was so long, it was a full load and we got delayed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted when we finally arrived at the hotel. I didn’t sleep enough before my flight and also I couldn’t rest properly in the crc. Crc stands for crew rest compartment. The compartment has 9 bunks, 3 on top of each other and that’s where we go to sleep if we have really long flights. It was my first experience in there and the air was so dry that I got sick. The crew later told me usually you’ll get sick the first couple times before you get used to it.

The next day 13 people out of the crew including one pilot rented two cars and drove to Hobbiton. It was so much fun doing a little roadtrip and it reminded me of the roadtrip I did thru California two years ago.

Hobbiton is the movie set of where the movie The lord of the rings was filmed. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve missed out. I always loved the scenes of where the hobbits were living so when they asked me if I wanted to join the tour the answer was of course yes. Hobbiton is like a small village with 44 super cute small houses. The houses are built in different scales, for example 40% of real size or 100% like standard size to make Frodo look small or to make Gandalf look gigantic. We got so much information about what was going on behind the scenes and I have to say they’ve really put amazing touch to detail.

After the tour we drove to another tour that was held in a cave. The whole tour was about glowworms and it might sound disgusting but they were the most beautiful things ever. We were seated in a big paddleboat and floated around in the big dark cave all lighted up by small small blue lights. Everyone was completely quiet and just admired it. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures and I’m not sure I could capture a picture that would be true to real life anyways.

The next day I had breakfast together with a Swedish girl from my crew. We didn’t really notice each other during the flight since she’s in business class. It’s always a pleasure meeting someone you can speak your native language with. We strolled around the city and then walked down to the marina. It was pouring rain all day so we decided to get back to the hotel and get some well-needed rest before the flight back to Dubai.

The flight back was even longer than on the way there. It was scheduled for 17 hours and 25 minutes. I did have rest for 4 hours and I luckily slept thru it all. It was a night flight so most of the passengers were sleeping as well. I have to say I had a really awesome crew and they made time fly. The crew can really make or break your flight and I have to say even though this was the hardest flight physically it was one of the best ones I’ve had so far.

Dubai Golf & Yacht Club

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Last week I went for an after brunch party at Cielo with a bunch of friends. We go there waaay to much – because it’s a nice place, it’s close and let’s be honest we have 50% off. Before entering the lounge I just had to take some pictures in my new dress from Topshop. I’m in love with it. It’s funny how I’m always that annoying person who hands my phone over to any of my friends and asks them to take pictures – not one, not a few, a lot! And they get tired of it and I just have to have a couple more. And then – after all their sighing, they want to have a photo shoot too haha!

How I got my dream job


I never ever thought about the possibility to become a flight attendant until last year when I was already living in Dubai. Somehow it seemed unreachable. I honestly thought that you had to be super skinny, super tall and speak at least 3 different languages – but how wrong I was.

When living in Dubai it’s impossible not to bump in to Emirates cabin crew. They are everywhere! You meet them and hear about their lifestyle, their adventures and can’t help but getting inspired. I even had strangers asking me if I was Emirates crew and I would reply, “I wish” with a smile.

I went to an open day interview in Dubai last year. It was so crowded at the headquarters and we were in total about 600 people. I remember queuing for 2 hours before I even had the chance to drop my CV. I ended up being unsuccessful. A couple months later I moved back to Sweden and was looking for a new job. I remember thinking, if this is really your dream you have to try it first, what if you don’t even like flying. I applied for the biggest airline company in my home country and within 3 weeks I got the job and started training. I did like flying but I aimed higher. I would see the big Emirates aircrafts at the airport parking and I had my mind set. One day I’ll be there.

I think I didn’t even work there for 3 months before I went for the open day interview held by Emirates in Stockholm. Oh my, how it was different. This time I had only about 50 other people to compete with – and I had some experience.

The whole day consisted of hours of tests and group challenges until we were 12 candidates left for the final interview the next day.

I was so prepared for my open day even the first time I tried in Dubai. Let’s say I did the research. I knew exactly what to wear, the accepted length of the skirt, how low my hair bun should be and which shade of red lipstick that was recommended. After all, 200 000 people applies every year and Emirates is compared as being as selective as Harvard University. You got to give them your best.

I came to my final interview already looking like an Emirates crew, with the experience of flying and with experience from living in Dubai. I waited for 4 months before I got the “golden call” and my dream came true!


During training you wear a red pike shirt and black pants until you’ve finished your safety, medical and security training. The first time you will ever wear your uniform is when you have the image and uniform day and you continue to wear it thru your service training as well. What I was always most excited about was the red hat. On my joining flight when I flew over to Dubai, one of the girls on the flight actually gave me her hat for me to try it on. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror. We took a picture with the polaroid camera to capture the moment.

It was truly a magical feeling when I received my very own set of uniform. Now I was officially a part of the best airline in the world.

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This morning I landed back in Dubai after a layover in Vienna. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures except of the stunning hotel reception above (I will definitely get better at taking pictures, I promise). I was actually supposed to go to Dusseldorf but found the changes in my roster about 24 hours ahead.

I had a great crew as always and a smooth flight except a passenger who smoked in the lavatory straight after takeoff and another passenger who fainted. You might think that doesn’t sound like a smooth flight at all but it’s actually very common things that happen on such large aircrafts that carry so many people.

While in Vienna no one was really keen on going out doing something and preferred staying at the hotel relaxing. I don’t blame them because we had a night flight on the way back to Dubai and there is no better preparation than to just relax and try to sleep. Since I’m all new and curious I was too eager to see the city that I couldn’t care less about resting. I went out by myself and explored the streets of Vienna. I had lunch at a really cute café, all by my self. That’s something I really need to work on – to eat by my self in public. Somehow I find it soooo lonely to sit and eat alone surrounded by other people. Then I prefer to do take-away. Actually it wasn’t that bad and I almost enjoyed it. I don’t know how, but I ended up shopping at Forever21. I also did some grocery shopping before I returned back to the hotel. Honestly I prefer spending my allowance rather than bringing back a million different currencies and ending up mixing all the leftover coins. Since Dubai is a desert and the majority of the products are imported it is a lot cheaper buying food outstation. I do try to buy some fruits and veggies, and other things that can handle being transported on my layovers.

Since I didn’t do a lot of resting in Vienna I had a “recovery day” today. Even since I started flying for my previous company I’ve always tried to recover the next day. Sleep as much as I want and watch movies and YouTube. Flying takes so much on your body and since I prefer doing things on my layovers I definitely need the rest later on.

Now I have a couple days off before my next flight to Auckland, I’m super excited to go to New Zeeland!

Get to know me


New year, new job, new life – new blog!

I just checked thru my archive and saw that I started blogging in December 2013. It’s been 3 years! Wow, time really flies. For you guys who didn’t read my previous blog in swedish – let me introduce myself.

  • I’m 22 years old, born and raised in Sweden. A lot of people ask me where I’m from and then comeback with, but you don’t look Swedish. My parents are from Finland & Algeria and I think it’s safe to say I got the arabic looks.


  • I moved out when I was 18 and shared an apartment with my childhood; and very best friend Lovisa. We had the best 9 months together. If you read this: I love you.


  • When I turned 19 I packed my bags of 23 kgs and moved to New York. I had the best year ever working as an Au pair. I spent my weekdays taking care and playing with the kiddos, and my weekends enjoying New York City.


  • The reason I’m blogging is because that’s how I get inspired myself. I read a blog that inspired me to become an Au pair and another blog that inspired me to become a flight attendant. I guess I’m just returning the favor and documenting my life so I can go back and remember what I was up to in my twenties, my selfish years ha.


  • I only made one new years resulution for 2017, and one only. It’s to keep a flight diary and write something about every turnaround, layover or multi sector that I do. I just write about something that happened onboard, what I did on my layover or how I felt in general. To be honest I really have to push myself to do it. I’ve had a tendency to since I was a little girl quit after writing about 5 pages.


  • I’ve always been a girly girl. You know, loving pink and makeup. Sometimes I feel like people don’t take you as seriously as they should. There’s a stereotype saying that if you’re very girly – you’re just not that smart, and then you have to prove you’re a damn smart intelligent, independent woman yaaa!


  • I’ve just checked of Australia as one of my top destinations to visit. Now I’m keen on going to Italy, Seychelles, Maldives, Island, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa and New Zealand. And like the rest of the world..


  • I’m dreaming of having a puppy. I know I can’t have any animals with this lifestyle but if anyone has a puppy – hit me up. I’m in the mood to cuddle with a puppy any day.


  • If you read all this, well done!


Zero Gravity

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This is exactly how I like to spend my days off in Dubai. At a chilled beach club working on my tan while relaxing on a swan, goals. No but seriously, I’m really enjoying the weather right now. When I went to Zero Gravity a couple days ago it was 27 degrees celsius. I’ve heard that in a couple months it will get unbearably hot.. Guess I’m lucky to have a job that gets me out of the country then.



I recently had my first multi sector: SIN – MEL – SIN which lasted for 5 days. I was so happy to be rostered for these sectors with my friend and batch mate Rosie. Out of 25.000 employes in Emirates the odds to get the chance to work with one of your friends is pretty small. Lucky us! It was my first time in Singapore and I’m still amazed by this city. I’ve always had a crush on big cities and skyscrapers, but Singapore is something different. Despite the big city architecture there is so much nature – Trees and flowers everywhere. I was surprised to see how clean the city is. Perhaps the law that prohibits chewing gum has something to do with that..

I went out by myself with a map as a proper tourist to explore the city (you gotta do what you gotta do when you don’t have wifi and access to google maps). I walked down to Marina Bay which is about a 15-20 min walk from our hotel and saw the famous lion fountain. It was a really hot and humid day!

Back to blogging

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Welcome back all my old followers and welcome all my new readers. After a long break from blogging I’ve decided to start documenting again, and this time in english so more of you can understand – wiho!

As some of you already know I’ve moved back to Dubai and started my dream job as a flight attendant for the world’s best airline – Emirates. One of the reasons I took a break from blogging was because I didn’t have time during the preparations before I moved and also because of the intense 2 month training I’ve endured.

When I look back at my training I see it with sweet memories. I really had a wonderful batch and we all got along so well. I actually miss seeing them everyday. It’s like how you miss your friends from school when you go on summer break. That’s how I feel about my batch mates. The only difference is that we won’t go back to training again. It was a tough, challenging and fun onetime experience.

Emirates is well known for their world class training. We had safety training in real aircraft simulators that actually moved around and made us feel the take-off and turbulence. We’ve practiced all kind of scenarios and emergencies. I’ve had safety training, medical training and service training. Some fun facts are that we during our medical training even learned how to assist in childbirth onboard. I have to admit that I enjoyed the service training the most. We were divided in the batch as either operating crew or customers. The operating crew practiced all the everyday service sequence from boarding till disembarking. We even got served the meals onboard, yum.

As I’ve been cabin crew before for another airline I can compare a lot of things. Something I really like about Emirates training concept is that it isn’t only theoretical, it’s also a lot of practical sessions. It gives you a visual impression as well and kind of helps everything come together.

Lucky as I am one of the 5% successful candidates out of 200.000 people applying I also got nominated as the Ideal Crew of my batch and an award on our graduation day for my Image & Uniform.

My journey has just begun and I am excited to share it with you!