Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


I do tourist around pretty much worldwide but sometimes it’s fun to explore treasures nearby. I ended up renting a car and roadtrip to Abu Dhabi, the capital of Untied Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stood ready in 2007 and has capacity for 40.000 people. It was such a magical and beautiful place.

In respect for Islam and their holy place I needed to cover myself. Something good to know if you are thinking of paying the mosque a visit – is that there are abayas (for ladies) and kanduras (for men) to borrow for free! I thought I actually had to go and buy myself their traditional clothing but to my surprise they gave me a beautiful purple one. I fell in love with the color.

If you go on their website you can find the timings for their free tours around the mosque. I also recommend going suuuuper early to get rid of the people, walk around peacefully and of course get the best shots.


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