This morning I landed back in Dubai after a layover in Vienna. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures except of the stunning hotel reception above (I will definitely get better at taking pictures, I promise). I was actually supposed to go to Dusseldorf but found the changes in my roster about 24 hours ahead.

I had a great crew as always and a smooth flight except a passenger who smoked in the lavatory straight after takeoff and another passenger who fainted. You might think that doesn’t sound like a smooth flight at all but it’s actually very common things that happen on such large aircrafts that carry so many people.

While in Vienna no one was really keen on going out doing something and preferred staying at the hotel relaxing. I don’t blame them because we had a night flight on the way back to Dubai and there is no better preparation than to just relax and try to sleep. Since I’m all new and curious I was too eager to see the city that I couldn’t care less about resting. I went out by myself and explored the streets of Vienna. I had lunch at a really cute café, all by my self. That’s something I really need to work on – to eat by my self in public. Somehow I find it soooo lonely to sit and eat alone surrounded by other people. Then I prefer to do take-away. Actually it wasn’t that bad and I almost enjoyed it. I don’t know how, but I ended up shopping at Forever21. I also did some grocery shopping before I returned back to the hotel. Honestly I prefer spending my allowance rather than bringing back a million different currencies and ending up mixing all the leftover coins. Since Dubai is a desert and the majority of the products are imported it is a lot cheaper buying food outstation. I do try to buy some fruits and veggies, and other things that can handle being transported on my layovers.

Since I didn’t do a lot of resting in Vienna I had a “recovery day” today. Even since I started flying for my previous company I’ve always tried to recover the next day. Sleep as much as I want and watch movies and YouTube. Flying takes so much on your body and since I prefer doing things on my layovers I definitely need the rest later on.

Now I have a couple days off before my next flight to Auckland, I’m super excited to go to New Zeeland!


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