How I got my dream job


I never ever thought about the possibility to become a flight attendant until last year when I was already living in Dubai. Somehow it seemed unreachable. I honestly thought that you had to be super skinny, super tall and speak at least 3 different languages – but how wrong I was.

When living in Dubai it’s impossible not to bump in to Emirates cabin crew. They are everywhere! You meet them and hear about their lifestyle, their adventures and can’t help but getting inspired. I even had strangers asking me if I was Emirates crew and I would reply, “I wish” with a smile.

I went to an open day interview in Dubai last year. It was so crowded at the headquarters and we were in total about 600 people. I remember queuing for 2 hours before I even had the chance to drop my CV. I ended up being unsuccessful. A couple months later I moved back to Sweden and was looking for a new job. I remember thinking, if this is really your dream you have to try it first, what if you don’t even like flying. I applied for the biggest airline company in my home country and within 3 weeks I got the job and started training. I did like flying but I aimed higher. I would see the big Emirates aircrafts at the airport parking and I had my mind set. One day I’ll be there.

I think I didn’t even work there for 3 months before I went for the open day interview held by Emirates in Stockholm. Oh my, how it was different. This time I had only about 50 other people to compete with – and I had some experience.

The whole day consisted of hours of tests and group challenges until we were 12 candidates left for the final interview the next day.

I was so prepared for my open day even the first time I tried in Dubai. Let’s say I did the research. I knew exactly what to wear, the accepted length of the skirt, how low my hair bun should be and which shade of red lipstick that was recommended. After all, 200 000 people applies every year and Emirates is compared as being as selective as Harvard University. You got to give them your best.

I came to my final interview already looking like an Emirates crew, with the experience of flying and with experience from living in Dubai. I waited for 4 months before I got the “golden call” and my dream came true!


During training you wear a red pike shirt and black pants until you’ve finished your safety, medical and security training. The first time you will ever wear your uniform is when you have the image and uniform day and you continue to wear it thru your service training as well. What I was always most excited about was the red hat. On my joining flight when I flew over to Dubai, one of the girls on the flight actually gave me her hat for me to try it on. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror. We took a picture with the polaroid camera to capture the moment.

It was truly a magical feeling when I received my very own set of uniform. Now I was officially a part of the best airline in the world.

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  1. Little Miss Traveller · February 15, 2017

    Very interesting post.


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