Get to know me


New year, new job, new life – new blog!

I just checked thru my archive and saw that I started blogging in December 2013. It’s been 3 years! Wow, time really flies. For you guys who didn’t read my previous blog in swedish – let me introduce myself.

  • I’m 22 years old, born and raised in Sweden. A lot of people ask me where I’m from and then comeback with, but you don’t look Swedish. My parents are from Finland & Algeria and I think it’s safe to say I got the arabic looks.


  • I moved out when I was 18 and shared an apartment with my childhood; and very best friend Lovisa. We had the best 9 months together. If you read this: I love you.


  • When I turned 19 I packed my bags of 23 kgs and moved to New York. I had the best year ever working as an Au pair. I spent my weekdays taking care and playing with the kiddos, and my weekends enjoying New York City.


  • The reason I’m blogging is because that’s how I get inspired myself. I read a blog that inspired me to become an Au pair and another blog that inspired me to become a flight attendant. I guess I’m just returning the favor and documenting my life so I can go back and remember what I was up to in my twenties, my selfish years ha.


  • I only made one new years resulution for 2017, and one only. It’s to keep a flight diary and write something about every turnaround, layover or multi sector that I do. I just write about something that happened onboard, what I did on my layover or how I felt in general. To be honest I really have to push myself to do it. I’ve had a tendency to since I was a little girl quit after writing about 5 pages.


  • I’ve always been a girly girl. You know, loving pink and makeup. Sometimes I feel like people don’t take you as seriously as they should. There’s a stereotype saying that if you’re very girly – you’re just not that smart, and then you have to prove you’re a damn smart intelligent, independent woman yaaa!


  • I’ve just checked of Australia as one of my top destinations to visit. Now I’m keen on going to Italy, Seychelles, Maldives, Island, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa and New Zealand. And like the rest of the world..


  • I’m dreaming of having a puppy. I know I can’t have any animals with this lifestyle but if anyone has a puppy – hit me up. I’m in the mood to cuddle with a puppy any day.


  • If you read all this, well done!



One comment

  1. Christina · February 6, 2017

    Härligt att du tagit tillvara på livet – fortsätt med det! 🙂


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