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Welcome back all my old followers and welcome all my new readers. After a long break from blogging I’ve decided to start documenting again, and this time in english so more of you can understand – wiho!

As some of you already know I’ve moved back to Dubai and started my dream job as a flight attendant for the world’s best airline – Emirates. One of the reasons I took a break from blogging was because I didn’t have time during the preparations before I moved and also because of the intense 2 month training I’ve endured.

When I look back at my training I see it with sweet memories. I really had a wonderful batch and we all got along so well. I actually miss seeing them everyday. It’s like how you miss your friends from school when you go on summer break. That’s how I feel about my batch mates. The only difference is that we won’t go back to training again. It was a tough, challenging and fun onetime experience.

Emirates is well known for their world class training. We had safety training in real aircraft simulators that actually moved around and made us feel the take-off and turbulence. We’ve practiced all kind of scenarios and emergencies. I’ve had safety training, medical training and service training. Some fun facts are that we during our medical training even learned how to assist in childbirth onboard. I have to admit that I enjoyed the service training the most. We were divided in the batch as either operating crew or customers. The operating crew practiced all the everyday service sequence from boarding till disembarking. We even got served the meals onboard, yum.

As I’ve been cabin crew before for another airline I can compare a lot of things. Something I really like about Emirates training concept is that it isn’t only theoretical, it’s also a lot of practical sessions. It gives you a visual impression as well and kind of helps everything come together.

Lucky as I am one of the 5% successful candidates out of 200.000 people applying I also got nominated as the Ideal Crew of my batch and an award on our graduation day for my Image & Uniform.

My journey has just begun and I am excited to share it with you!


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